Looking for new ways to promote your store? Consider setting up a Twitter account as a great way to market your products and interact with your customers. Here is our list of the top ten tips to succeed on Twitter:

10. Set up your Profile Right
Use your custom designed store logo as your avatar. If your logo doesn’t look right when you upload it, our designers and resize it for you. Check out our Facebook lesson here for some tips on how to find a background image. Be sure to include a short description of your store, and most importantly include a link to your homepage!

9. Don’t be a Spammer
While Twitter is a valuable tool for promoting your products, don’t flood your feed with only links to things you’re trying to sell.

8. Don’t Look like a Spammer
One common sign of a spammer is having very few followers while following a ton of people. This kind of ratio shows an account will little notable content.

7. Do Research
Use the Twitter search tool here to see what people are saying about you and your store, as well as your niche. Find out what’s working and what needs to be changed.

6. Follow the Leaders
Follow important brands and people related to your niche to keep up to date with with the latest news and trends.

5. Be Interesting
Post links to articles you think may be interesting to your audience, offer advice, and fun pictures of your day to day life.

4. Get Personal
Try to connect with your audience on a personal level, show them that you’re a human being and not a faceless corporation. It’s not always about business!

3. Engage your Audience
Twitter isn’t a one-way street. Post questions for your followers and interact with your audience.

2. Consider your Words
What you post is going to be seen by everyone, so things your fans may love may scare off potential customers. The old standby of not discussing religion and politics fits here, too.

1. Post with an App
Simplify your social media posting with an app. We recommend using our Social Media Syndication Suite available here that lets you schedule and post to multiple networks all at once. Just remember Twitter limits your posts to 140 characters each.