10 Tools To Get Leads, Traffic & Sales From Pinterest

In a few short years, Pinterest has grown to over 100 million monthly users, doubling in just the past 18 months. It’s a great place for companies to sell their products, with advertisers reporting the average Pinterest customer spends 50% more than customers on other sites, including other popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This amazing platform has companies large and small flocking to sell their products. And with them, a number of services have popped up to help businesses fully realize these profitable opportunities.

Some of these services offer free, stripped down versions with more powerful versions for a small fee, great for small businesses getting started. Others are aimed at large businesses and can be a bit more pricey.

Create Your Images

1) Share As Image

This Chrome web browser extension lets you quickly create an image from text and images on any web page. Simple images with quotes are very popular on sites like Pinterest and are a valuable marketing tool.

There is a free version of the tool available to try, but it include a Share as Image logo in the corner. If you upgrade to the Pro version for $8 a month you can replace it with your own logo. Send your creations directly to Pinterest or save it to your computer to use later.


2) PicMonkey

Do you need a simple tool to make quick edits, crop your images, and add some text? You don’t need to use an expensive program like Photoshop or hire a designer, you can do it yourself with just your web browser.

Use the included premade themes, textures, and clip art to give your images a professional look. You can use the site for free, but paying $8 a month will give you more fonts, images, and templates to play with.


Build Your Community

3) Wisestamp

This service isn’t about Pinterest directly, but it’s a great way to spread your social media presence with very little effort by attaching a professional looking email signature to the dozens of messages you send every day. Every email you can send will indirectly become an advertisement for your Pinterest page, or any other site.

You can use the service for free but it will include Wisestamp branding. You can upgrade to the Pro plan for $4 a month to remove the branding and get more features, such as premium templates and custom social media icons.


4) Pin Alerts

This service lets you know when someone pins something that is on your website by sending you an email alert. Normally you’d only receive a notice from Pinterest when you get a repin. This lets you quickly thank them, and invite them to your other pin boards. With an upcoming feature you’ll be able to post on your web site how many repins you have received.


5) WooBox Pinterest Tab

Do you already have a social media following on Facebook? Since Pinterest won’t connect to your business fan page, only your personal one, how can you bring these two communities together? This app will let you show all of your boards and pins in the Pinterest style on your Facebook page. When your users are ready to like or comment, they’ll be sent to your actual Pinterest board.

The Pinterest Tab is a free app from WooBox with no limitations.


6) Pinvolve

Do you have a Facebook fan page and hate that you have to manually re-post things from Pinterest? Do you wish your Facebook page used the same great layout Pinterest uses?

Pinvolve takes the WooBox Pinterest Tab one step further. It will automatically post your Pinterest pins to your Facebook page for you and gives you that great Pinterest look and feel. A “Pin it” button will tie your Facebook posts back into your Pinterest page.

There are currently three plans available. The free plan works with one Facebook page and is fairly limited, where the $9 a month Pro gives unlocks everything for a single page. For $25 a month you can use the service on up to 10 different pages.


Track Your Results

7) ViralTag

It’s important to post multiple images to Pinterest daily, but you want to space them out keep people coming back. Doing this manually however can be a pain. That’s where ViralTag comes in. You can create your postings ahead of time and schedule when you want them to go live. The site will then submit them for you so you don’t have to be hovering around your computer.

Pricing starts at $29 a month for a Pro plan covering 10 social media profiles, and you can save 20% by paying for a year in advance.


8) Piqora

This site provides a very powerful suite of marketing tools. First, you can use it  to schedule your pins in advance just like ViralTag.

The advanced analytics keep track of your most clicked photos and your most popular tags, as well as your total revenue and conversion rate. You can use this detailed information to make informed strategies based on what your best performers are. They also also have a great tool to manage hashtag contests.

There is no pricing information available, but you can request a demo from Piqora to get started.


9) Reachli

Reachli lets you quickly post across multiple social media sites from a single dashboard, with analytics to keep track of how you’re doing. You can use these services for free, but you can also sign up for their paid service where you’ll analyze your business and bring you new customers.


10) Tailwind

This marketing suite allows for scheduled pins. Their analytics track your repins, comments, traffic, and revenue. Search tools help you find what people are saying about you on Pinterest and see what’s currently trending.

The site will also make recommendations suggesting content based on what you’re pinning, show which boards are best to focus on, and the best days and times to schedule your pins when your audience is most active.

Pricing starts at $9.99 a month for the Plus plan aimed at small businesses and bloggers.


Final Thoughts

You don’t need to use every single tool on this list to be successful, but using just a few that best fit your business is sure to greatly increase your success on Pinterest.

Which sites on this list do you like the best? Did we miss one of your favorites? Please share in the comments below!

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