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Leads Tunnel, created by well-known online entrepreneurs Jimmy Kim, Fred Lam, and Anik Singal. The software promises to make the whole process of building an email list using Facebook a lot easier by automatically passing leads from your Facebook to your email auto-responder.
Get The Software Demo and Important Details Here: http://www.mydigitalentrepreneur.com/go/leads-tunnel-anik-jimmy/

Gaining access to customer, clients or web leads email addresses have always played a key role in any marketing campaign to maximize profits. By staying in touch with the client via email can turn a website visitor into a repeat buyers. But people don’t give up their email as freely as they used to on random landing pages because they don’t want to get flooded with spam. Creating your own email list from the ground up can be time consuming and expensive proposition.

Today we’re going to look at the Leads Tunnel, created by well-known online entrepreneurs Jimmy Kim, Fred Lam, and Anik Singal. The software promises to make the whole process a lot easier by automatically utilizing Facebook to capture leads via FB advertising and passing them directly to your email auto-responder. You can market, promote offers to these email leads using your favourate auto-responder and profit!

See How Leads Tunnel Works Here – Full Software Demo


Living up to its name, Leads Tunnel works by creating a tunnel between your Facebook account and your email software for your leads to pass through. When you run a Facebook lead ad, the leads collected will automatically populate your auto-responder so that you can collect them in real time. The Leads Tunnel software itself doesn’t collect the lead, it just acts as a sort of funnel for the subscriber to move between Facebook and your email provider (such as Aweber). This means that your leads are completely safe and cannot be ‘stolen’ by hackers.

You no longer need a squeeze page to send Facebook traffic to in order to generate leads, Leads Tunnel does it all for you. This means that you can now increase the number of leads collected for the same ad spend by removing a step therefore reducing your cost per lead.

Check out the video from one of the creators below to see exactly how it all works.


The software is currently available for only $37, and you can purchase it at leads tunnel website. This is just the introductory price which may go up once it has been launched.


  • • Works completely on autopilot without any supervision. Set and forget software.
  • • It doesn’t require a squeeze page, making it easy to create and maintain.
  • • Has user’s consent so it is completely legal to use to build email lists.
  • • Works with the 20 leading auto-responders.
  • • It doesn’t require any technical skills.
  • • Runs in the cloud, nothing to download or install
  • • Facebook approved and fully compliant


I’m not sure how Facebook will respond to this software. If marketers start misusing Leads Tunnel, it might get blocked. Currently, it’s approved by Facebook.


There is currently nothing else available on the market at this price point that can do what Leads Tunnel does. It’s only competition is much more expensive, and can’t even offer as many features. If you’re trying to build an email list using Facebook and want to do it cheaply and easily, this is the clear choice!

Watch The Leads Tunnel Software In Action Here

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Download LeadsTunnel Software Here Now



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